This recipe for Cordon Bleu is, by far and away, the simplest one that I have ever come across in my whole life. This dinner may be made and cooked in a short amount of time thanks to the use of crescent roll dough that has been chilled. It’s official: springtime has come where I live. I’ve cranked the temperature up a notch and am now on the prowl for the greatest favorite dishes recipes to share with you. The catch is that although I need comfort food, I also desire fast and straightforward meals that are substantial and tantalizing in flavor.

Every day comes a new round of driving the Mom Taxi, which may include transporting children to after-school activities, sporting events, errands, or shopping. So, sure, I’m looking for dishes that are easy to make yet have an incredible flavor. The fact that they may be consumed on the go is perhaps the most advantageous aspect of this dish.
There is little effort required. When I’ve made them for supper, I have not had a single complaint from anybody. I am going to send my mind into overdrive for the next little amount of time, and I am going to explore what other things I can create using this method. I doubt many of you fantastic readers will offer up your twists.

2 cooked chicken breasts; slice them thinly.

« Deli style ham »; I used 8 slices.

8 slices.Of Swiss cheese.

A can.Of crescent roll dough.

2 Tbsp.Of honey.

2 Tbsp.Of Dijon mustard.

1 Tsp.Of Italian seasoning.


1st Step

Put the baking sheet in the oven and preheat it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray it with nonstick cooking spray or place a piece of parchment paper on it.

2nd Step

Take the crescent roll dough out of the container and arrange it in a large rectangle on a clean surface. Pull all of the seams together and pinch them firmly.

3rd Step

Layer the ingredients as follows and sprinkle with the Italian seasoning: Swiss cheese slices, ham slices, and finally chicken slices.

4th Step

To make the dough look like cinnamon rolls, start rolling it out. Cut into 8 equal slices

5th Step

Put them all on the baking sheet, and bake them for 18 to 20 minutes, or until the edges begin to turn a light golden color.

6th Step

Mix the honey and mustard together in a small bowl, then use the mixture as a dipping sauce. Enjoy!

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