How To Keep Flies Away From Your Outdoor Spaces This Summer


Tabe Paxson took to Facebook to share a hack for keeping pesky flies away from your porch, deck, and other outdoor spaces. The hack? Simply place a bar of Irish Spring Soap in a mesh bag and hang the bag in the areas where you spend time outside. You may find this surprising, but there are actually tons of uses for Irish Spring Soap aside from the obvious purpose of using it to bathe.

You see, pests detest the strong smell of the soap. Just a gentle whiff blowing in the breeze is enough to keep flies away, helping you to enjoy the great outdoors without swatting at flies and other bugs the whole time. Even deer hate the smell of the soap, which is why some gardeners choose to place nylon stockings filled with soap bits in the garden to protect their plants!

Have an RV, camper trailer, or seasonal cabin? Place some chunks of Irish Spring Soap inside when winterizing for the season. Mice are other creatures that can’t stand the strong smell of the soap, so they’ll be far less likely to make your trailer their home for the winter. Who knew?! With the temperatures climbing to quite high numbers this week where I live, I think I ought to head out and buy some Irish Spring Soap so I’m prepared to ward off any flies that try to ruin my good time!

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