Change Your Life Forever – Place 3 cut lemons on your nightstand


Lemon with salt.

Make sure to eat a sliced ​​lemon, put granulated salt on each slice, and place slices in different sectors of the house. And please dispose of it and replace it when it becomes yellow or black.


All you have to do is boil its peel in rainwater.

Lemon juice.

Simply mix some lemon juice with water and clean your accessories and your walls with this mixture. Watch how your belongings become cleansed of bad feelings and negative charges and help you achieve well-being.

Green lemon.

Placing a green lemon in your purse, in your jeans pocket, jacket, or wherever you want can be of great importance. Remember to remove it at night, because the lemon will dry out, and the next day take a new one. The end result will remove all the negative energy that was absorbed in you throughout the day.

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