Homemade Dunkaroo dip


Relive the 90’s with Dunkaroo Dip! With just three ingredients and three minutes you could be dunking your cookies in yummy funfetti frosting.

If you were a kid in the 90’s (or parent of one), you probably remember the popular snack, Dunkaroo’s. Best childhood snack! How could you not love those little individual containers of funfetti frosting and little cookies. Unfortunately, Dunkaroo’s are no longer sold in the U.S. but you can make the Dunkaroo Dip at home!

Sometimes I miss my childhood. As I grow older I feel like more memories slip away. Food does a good job of helping me remember though. This Dunkaroo Dip takes me back to sitting in the elementary school cafeteria watching friend Amy over flow her milk carton with bubbles. I love that I can relive that and make new memories as I enjoy this dip with my daughters. Hopefully they’ll remember sitting with me, talking, and laughing, as we dunk away.

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