She Apply Vicks Vaporub On Her Feet Before Bed; When You Know The Cause, You will Do The Same !


Some uses of Kaz VapoRub


1. Acts as a great insect repellent: Use the Kaz VapoRub open bowl to get rid of mosquitoes, jigs and other pests. It’s best to run out of repellent suddenly or leave it at home.


2. Relieves acute headaches: Menthol, one of the components of Vicks VapoRub, helps to quickly lower the blood pressure in your head and, as a result, reduce pain. Just rub a little on your temples.

3. You will take good care of the feet: Before going to the undergarment, put a little Vicks on your heels, specifically on broken and dry areas, and wear socks. Make sure you use old clothes because the next day you will have the super-soft scent of menthol. In the morning, rinse your legs with cool water, use a natural pumice stone to scrub the dead skin, and then apply your frequent foot product. Keep doing this every night, and soon you’ll see many noticeable benefits.


4. Stop pet situations: Things happen, and if you do not want your pet to pee in your home, keep some kerosene in people’s places where accidents happen often. Veterinarians say that dogs and cats cannot stand the smell of Vicks, and this method will definitely work.

5. Stop the cat by damaging the furniture: If your cat likes to scratch almost everything it can get on its paws, just like doors or maybe new curtains, leave a lot of VapoRub now there. Your mystic little friend will learn a lesson and can stop damaging your furniture.


6. Reduces Stretch Marks: Rub some Kaz VapoRub on your stretch marks, plus just a few weeks you will notice that it gradually turns less noticeable.

7. Mild toenail fungus infection: If you have a toenail fungus infection problem, try to use some kerosene to the infected nail every night and then put on your socks. The next day, wash the feet and trim as much of the infected nail as possible. Repeat every evening until the nails are completely restored.


8. Helps remove bruises Rub a little Vicks VapoRub on the bruise, and observe the healing process. The ointment can reduce all swelling, plus the bruise will go away on its own faster.


9. Relieves ear pain Here is one easy way to relieve ear pain: Place a small ball of organic cotton with Vicks VapoRub in your headphones, and leave it there for a few hours until you see your doctor. Remember: Although this method helps relieve head pain, it does not get rid of the infection on its own. Therefore it may be very important that you consult your general health professional right away.

10. Gives noticeable results for your deal with the application of Kaz VapoRub Cover to problem areas (acne, pimples, etc.). Leave it on overnight and clean your face every day. Be persistent, and you’ll discover positive adjustments very soon.


11. Relieves muscle tissue and back pain treatments: Thanks to its natural ingredients, Kaz VapoRub allows relaxing tired muscles. If you suffer from “tennis elbow,” try getting blood into some kerosene on the affected area before the pain goes away.


12. Helps get rid of belly fat: Mix one tablespoon of ground camphor, one tablespoon of alcohol, one tablespoon of coke, and a split pack of Vicks VapoRub until you get a paste. Before doing your exercise routine, apply this type of paste on your stomach for the area you just plan to work on, and place yourself in a plastic spot. When you’re done with your workout, rinse it off with plenty of plain water, as getting the same effect since those expensive ointments for slimming, like self-made applications, which are done 2-3 times a week can make a real difference.

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