Taco-Stuffed Avocados — Like avocados? If so, you’ll enjoy these taco stuffed avocados with ground beef, cheese and much more! Easy to prepare in just 15 minutes, it’s a popular with the family, and ideal for busy nights! !

Healthy Stuffed Avocado Recipe

I recently visited Mexico and had dinner with my favourite taco joints. The place is simple and has long lines of people literally in the middle of their tables and every table, yet the food is so delicious that it’s worth it all.

I was just so close to the man sitting across the table from me, and I was staring at his food with order envy. Do you ever feel that way that you get when your food is great but your neighbor’s food looks more appealing? We’ve all experienced it.

He was eating an avocado stuffed with al pastor that I was swooning over. The pastor tacos I had were delicious but seeing the al pastor sitting on the avocado’s top with the layer of cheese fried between them Oh, my.

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