Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad


A classic creamy broccoli salad has long been my favorite potluck side dish. I’m always delighted when I show up to a party and see a bowl of it set out on the table… there’s just something about the combination of sweet, creamy dressing, crunchy broccoli, and smoky bacon that I can’t get enough of. But I have great news – this salad takes all of those wonderful things but adds tender, chewy rotini to the mix so you get the comfort of carbs with your broccoli salad. It’s really the best of both worlds.

This has all the classic components of a broccoli salad – the broccoli (of course), red onion, sunflower seeds, bacon, dried cranberries (but raisins are fine too if you prefer!) – so you get tons of delicious crunch but it’s also a pasta salad at heart, thanks to the rotini.

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