Garlic always fresh and intact for 1 year: only cooks know this trick in the kitchen


Garlic is one of the most used ingredients in cooking. It is excellent for seasoning or preparing excellent sautéed dishes. But not only that, because it is a fantastic natural antibiotic, many even eat it raw. But how can we keep it? There is an incredible method that only cooks know: let’s find out more.

Garlic has many properties, it is one of the most used ingredients in our kitchens. Although not everyone likes its smell and taste, it is excellent for seasoning any dish. Many also eat it raw, just to absorb all its benefits. But did you know that there is a method to preserve it? In this way, it will remain in perfect condition for a year: let’s find out how to do it.

How to store garlic: all the details
Garlic is able to regulate blood pressure and significantly lower cholesterol. Thanks to its strong properties, it can detoxify the liver. Often it is thrown away, but nutritionally it is one of the most potent. To take all its properties, it will suffice to consume it raw.

Remember that these are only very few of the benefits of garlic. This ingredient is a natural antibacterial, in fact, it fights intestinal parasites and strengthens the immune system. In addition, it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it regulates the circulatory system, and for this reason it prevents cardiovascular diseases.


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