Garlic always fresh and intact for 1 year: only cooks know this trick in the kitchen


In winter, it is our number one ally, because it is great for curing us of seasonal flu. Having it at home is essential, not only because we can use it in the kitchen, but also for our well-being. But how can we keep it? There is a fantastic remedy, you will keep garlic in perfect condition without ever letting it rot for at least a year: let’s find out more.

Garlic intact for a year: how to store it
Experienced cooks will surely be familiar with this method of preserving garlic. First, take half a kilo of garlic cloves and soak them for about an hour in lukewarm water. After drying them, peel them and you will see that they will flake easily because the skin has softened.

Next, place all the garlic cloves in a sterilized glass jar. Next, pour in two tablespoons of coarse salt, this should make about 30 grams of salt. Now you can add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or, if you prefer, pour in the wine vinegar, this ingredient will help keep the garlic intact.

Finally, bring some water to a boil and let it cool. Before closing the container with its cap, cut a slice of lemon and place it on the garlic. Close the jar very tightly and shake it so that all the ingredients are mixed.

Thus, you will keep your garlic cloves for more than a year in perfect condition and they will not rot. Not only that, because you can consume them whenever you want, without having to peel them every time you need them. This method is used by many cooks, it is practical and above all effective.


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